4 Nostalgic Cartoons That Will Bring You Right Back To Your Childhood

4 Nostalgic Cartoons That Will Bring You Right Back To Your Childhood

Childhood – here one moment, gone the next.

Everyone remembers something about their childhood. They remember sunny days and theme parks and watching TV on Saturdays, or playing games on their VHS and holding their parents’ hands as they cross the street. There’s something incredibly bittersweet about reminiscence – one on end, you’re glad for the memories and the reminders of a softer, simpler time. On the other…the fact that you can never quite return to those lost days can leave a pretty bad taste in one’s mouth.

However, regardless of what type of childhood you personally may have had, there’s nothing that quite defines childhood as much as cartoons. These animated classics were mostly made for children; for them to sit and watch while kicking back from a long day at school or a tiring day at soccer practice. Cartoons are almost a universal childhood experience, and people from certain generations can often bond over the same few animations they’d watched as a child that still stay well with them into adulthood.

While most of these cartoons are so old they’ve mostly been pulled from TV broadcasts, many of them are still available for download online or for watching on YouTube; easily accessible over Internet connection such as Time broadband Malaysia (if you’re interested to apply Time internet Malaysia, you can click here to see available Time broadband home fibre Internet plan Malaysia).

So if you want to go on a little trip down memory lane, here are 4 nostalgic cartoons that will bring you back to childhood!

1. Codename: Kids Next Door

Codename: Kids Next Door was an interesting animated series full of ups and downs and dramatic moments; and replicated the nearly universal ‘rift’ of understanding that children often felt differentiated them from grown-ups. Following a team of 5 children in their battle against enemies, scary teens and adults, and the infamous ‘Delightful Kids from Down the Lane’, the story was action-packed and intensely dramatic in some moments; making it a cartoon that will likely stay in our heads for years to come.

2. Courage The Cowardly Dog

Courage the Cowardly Dog was pretty much the horror movie for children of this generation. Featuring a cartoon purple dog whose name belies his actual cowardice, Courage the Cowardly dog follows the eponymous ‘Courage’ with his two elderly owners in the ‘Middle of Nowhere’; where creepy and terrifying creatures often plague the plains of their home. Courage, the only one who really senses anything amiss, takes it upon himself to save his owners from the terrifying occurrences that happen in Nowhere – which easily frightened a generation of kids and left a very, very long-lasting impression.

3. Teen Titans

Another dramatic cartoon show hailing from the DC Comics Universe, Teen Titans follows 5 teenage superheroes as they beat back new and recurring villains as well as the internal turmoil that churns within them all. Heading the powerful superhero team is Robin, a figure best known for his role as Batman’s sidekick, with his other trusted teammates Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven. Recurring characters come and go, as do the villains – but the one constant throughout it all is the team’s ongoing fight with the villainous main antagonist, Slade.

4. Time fibre broadband Malaysia in terms of cartoons, The Powerpuff Girls was a show that featured three superpowered little girls in their battle against crime within the city of Townsville. Their backstory is narrated as the opening in every episode – artificially ‘created’ by their father Professor Utonium, the girls were granted superpowers due to his accidental addition of ‘Chemical X’. The show follows the girls adventures in their ongoing fight against crime and recurring villains; some of the most notorious being Mojo Jojo, an evil mastermind monkey; the Gangrene Gang, a notorious gang of green-skinned evildoers; and ‘Him’, a satanic, fluffy-robe clad demon with a melodic voice.

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