Online betting and it’s rise of popularity among gamblers

Gambling has played an important role in the entertainment industry for many years. Las Vegas is the most popular part of the USA that is known for having the most gambling sites in the world with plenty of hotels, casinos and plenty of entertainment to choose from. While providing some of the most entertainment, casinos also benefit the country as they help to boost the economy by providing job opportunities and force gamblers to report their earnings for taxes. In Islamic countries however, they do not have the luxury of having a casino themselves because they strictly follow the teachings of the Quran to prevent themselves from being corrupted by gambling or any similar activities which led to the creation of the Sharia law to heavily punish Muslim offenders.

With the rise of popularity in sports, most gamblers have taken an interest in betting sites to give themselves a sense of purpose and thrill to invest more interest into their favorite sports. Although it is similar to how horse racing works, sports betting is considered illegal in some countries as the darker side of this activity is more infamous for its influence on some of the largest sports tournaments. This is known as match-fixing and it involves a team losing on purpose to boost the losing team’s popularity while allowing one-sided bets to gain more profits. When discovered, match-fixing can be punishable by banning the players from participating, coaching and administrating for any future sports activities they are banned for.

The Gambling Act 2005 strictly regulates which games are allowed and not allowed for casino  Malaysians to gamble  However due to the act being outdated, Malaysia online betting sites may be deemed legal in some occasions, but bettors who are caught will still be susceptible to the punishment of the law. This is due to the fact that the act has not been adapted to the current state of technology and it is only applicable towards physical gambling sites where the police forces are able to react more appropriately. However due to the nature of online betting sites, it will be difficult for police forces to track down gamblers who participate in online betting sites, let alone tracing the gamblers which could be difficult for them to identify if the gamblers are Muslims or not. Therefore, the only solution for them is to raid sites who operate online betting sites and detain their devices to shut down as many sites as possible. Additionally, Malaysian gamblers are also able to participate in other betting sites that are legal in other countries such as Austria, Denmark, Egypt and Kenya with some countries requiring these sites to operate with a license while some do not which could be dangerous for unsuspecting gamblers to fall into scams easily. 

With technology becoming more advanced, more online betting sites are created to appeal towards sports fans who wish to gain money while watching their favorite sports. But they should know where they are betting as the law can’t protect them when you are scammed.

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