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Vegetables are a basic ingredient in the menu of any hotel and restaurant business. If you are looking for variety, flavor, and freshness, at OnGrocer they select the best products from the garden for your kitchen. OnGrocer Vegetables Malaysia does it with a wide assortment on a platform available all year round for consumption, they also bet on seasonal products and select the best-imported vegetables and exotic and ethnic vegetables. 

Fresh and quality vegetables for your business

At OnGrocer there is the widest assortment of fresh vegetables that you can find on the market. OnGrocer manages a volume of 4,000 references in fruits, vegetables, and 4th range products. OnGrocer is committed to quality and variety, that is why in the OnGrocer vegetable section you will find hundreds of references at your disposal, from basic products always at your disposal on your shelves, to seasonal vegetables or from the international market.

OnGrocer carries out strict quality controls on the products to guarantee all the qualities of our vegetables. Support for local products is one of the pillars on which the OnGrocer philosophy is based. Committed to quality, OnGrocer selects the best local producers to offer the customers local vegetables with the greatest freshness, flavor, and the best possible price. 

Greens and vegetables

Potatoes, leafy vegetables, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, garlic, mushrooms, aromatic herbs, mushrooms and fungi, sprouts, mini vegetables, edible flowers, seaweed. Can’t find the product you need? Ask OnGrocer! OnGrocer continually innovates to offer different formats and add new references to meet the demands of the most demanding customers. Seasonal, organic products.

Complete and professional labeling

Clear information and labeling specially designed for hospitality and restaurant professionals. That is what you will find in the OnGrocer vegetable section. OnGrocer offers you all the information available on each product with complete labeling on its origin, quality, size, conservation, as well as a more efficient packaging with different formats designed for better management and profitability, adapted to the needs of your hospitality business and restoration. A packaging, also personalized with different colors for uses that also includes preparation tips with the advice of some of the most prestigious Malaysian chefs.

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