The puchong new condo With all the Grand Options

Finding a puchong new condo in a location that satisfies you is one of the most important choices. Select a space for your search based on your habits, proximity to the workplace and to the main services such as schools or hospitals. Do not limit your choice to a specific country, but decide on a perimeter so that everything will immediately become easier.

The choice of typology

Once you have chosen the area to look for a house such as a puchong utama house for sale, it is important to understand the type of property to consider: apartment in a condominium? Autonomous or semi-independent condo?  To face this phase it is essential to understand which spaces you need in fact each type of property has different characteristics that must all be taken into consideration.  At this stage it is also important to stick to the chosen budget by evaluating the state of the buildings and the costs of any renovation or maintenance work.

The mortgage

Parallel to the choice of the property, if you do not have the entire necessary amount to cover the investment of the house such as a puchong jaya house for sale, you will not be able to do without resorting to taking out a mortgage. It is important to check in the bank, even before having chosen the property, its financial capability and understand the budget that can be spent for the purchase , generally the amount to be requested should not exceed 80% of the final price of the property to be approved.

If you have job security and a good economic income, the time to apply for a mortgage is certainly propitious as the interest rates are extremely low and thanks to the relationships with banks and brokers we will be able to help you in this phase.

Documents to be checked

Once the property has been chosen, seen and liked, it is necessary to move on to the phase of checks to be carried out such as ownership of possession, the presence of any mortgages, the correspondence between the existing floor plan in the land registry and the current one, state of the systems. A real estate agency carries out these checks for you and takes care of any problems thanks to the collaboration network

Official acts

At this point it is possible to make a purchase proposal to the owner of the property , which is a written declaration made by the buyer who intends to buy a certain asset at a certain price, accompanied by the payment of a sum of money valid as a deposit. A competent real estate agent will guide you in drafting this declaration and will accompany you until the notarial deed. For more articles such as this one, click here.

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